Girls, Girls, Girls

Thank you for that song, Sailor. It’s a catchy little number.
It’s ear worm material. I’m not even sorry. 🙂

There is precious little writing happening this week. I do need to knuckle down and get the ‘first draft’ of the new book completed. Slow going when I’m not actually opening the file … seems the lockdown wasn’t as good for writing as it could’ve been.
And, of course, now I’m back at the bookshop. So I have that excuse. And, tonight is a girls night, so there’s that.
And tomorrow is the weekend and lawns need mowing.
The list goes on …
All I have to do is open the file, the writing will happen. I know this. And it’s not like it’s a Byte novel, so, I’ve got a shit tonne of freedom when it comes to characters and whatnot. It’s also a kiwi set book. In some ways that’s harder to write because it’s so very close to home.
Tempting to shift the setting to Perth, close but not that close, ya know?
I won’t. I’ll stick with it. I’ll write my Upper Hutt spy/PI story about a missing cryptographer. Soon. I’m maybe a third of the way through …
Someone needs a kick up the proverbial.
Have a fun weekend, stay safe at level 2.
Let’s not fuck this up, New Zealand.


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