When the phone rings…

We’d just finished dinner and my phone rang. The conversation kinda went like this …
Robbie: The yellow note things, they’re a clue that Mac did it, aren’t they?
Me: They are a clue.
Robbie: Did Mac do it?
Me: I’m not telling you who did it but it’s good you think it’s Mac at this point. Let me know when you think it’s Aidan or Caine.
Robbie: Will do.
Me: If you figure out who it is before the end, I’ll be dead impressed.

For clarification, my lovely friend Robbie is reading Killerbyte. She’s pretty good at the real crime shows, so it’ll be interesting to see if she picks the killer in Killerbyte before the final few chapters.

Today, I baked the first of the two launch cakes for November. I can report that the ‘tropical’ fruitcake is bloody delicious and could be a new favorite. Pretty sure Nana would approve. The cake is now properly cooled, cut, stacked, and wrapped.
In a few weeks I’ll unwrap it and feed it some more golden rum. That will happen once a month until the week of the launch, then it will be time to ice it to look like a book. 🙂
This is the cake that will have the purple fondant cover.
I can also report that tin foil is deceptively sharp and gave me a nasty paper type cut. How rude!


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