See Me, Feel Me

Thanks to The Who for today’s blog title.
Today is the first day of winter. We’re half way through 2020 and as a year it is quite the disappointment. I give it ‘1 star’: could try harder.

Haven’t seen #MyKnight since November last year because we can’t travel back and forth between Perth and Wellington like we usually do (every 3mths). 😦 And it’ll be a while yet before travel resumes so we can be together.
I’m tired of the shonky Australian internet making FaceTime annoyingly difficult most nights but also thankful that we have FaceTime and can at least see each other every day.

This year hasn’t even been a good writing year. It’s been sporadic at best and generally low output which is not how books get written.
We are moving along regarding the release of Vaporbyte though. That’s still on track, so yay. And I’m clinging to that, big time.
Writing, however, is not as prolific as my knitting. Kinda weird. But there ya go. Since lockdown began here I’ve knitted. A LOT. I enjoy knitting, it gives my brain a rest but it’s became a bit of an obsession. To be honest my brain needs to get back in gear and start working on this new book.
We don’t need anymore jerseys or mittens. (Maybe more wooly socks though …)

My will to write seems to have wandered off into the abyss.
I knew I should’ve implanted a tracker in that bloody thing or tied a piece of wool to its tail.
Alas, Readers, I did no such thing … and now, it’s out there alone and cold, in the deep nothingness.
The least I could’ve done was teach it about Hansel and Gretel, then, maybe I’d have a chance at finding it, even breadcrumbs would be something.
All I can hope is that someone finds it and brings the little bastard home.


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