Crystal Chandeliers

When I was small ‘Crystal Chandeliers’ was one of the songs my mum used play. She really enjoyed Charlie Pride, I recall quite a few of his albums in the rack (yeah, back when they were big vinyl records). She also loved Leonard Cohen, Tom Jones, Dinah Ross, Johnny Cash, and almost every singer ever. In my teen years she was known to vacuum to Abba, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, and Blondie (she was also the one who told me who Deborah Harry was before she became Blondie). Guess Mum is where my eclectic music tastes came from. Not a bad thing, at all. Not sure why I was thinking about mum this morning but I was. So, there ya go.
I’m going home next month to see Superman. Down to Mahau Sound where the world doesn’t quite reach and there are still records and a turntable.
This trip has been a long time coming. It’s been a year since I’ve been home.
For the first time in forever, I am NOT taking my MacBook with me. A trip without tech. Without the guilt of having it with me and not writing or blogging or answering work emails. I’ll have my phone and that’s enough and I don’t have a lot of social media apps on my phone because I don’t think I should be accessible 100% of the time.

This month is shit, goes with the theme of 2020 if I’m honest. I’m struggling to write anything. I have a book I need to finish and it’s not happening and I don’t seem to be able to make it happen. I have one (fairly long) short story to finish so I can walk away from the Byte Series, free and clear. That’s not happening either. Although it is harder to hear Ellie now, so that could be why. Maybe I need a break. I know I need to get the fuck away from here because I’ve been home way too long.


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