Life, writing, and whatnot

Morning all,
It’s Friday! Hooray. This evening is the beginning of a 3 day writing weekend. Such joy. Be more joy if I finish reading today, so, fingers crossed. I’m heading toward the end of Vaporbyte, still quite tempted to change the name because Vaporware/Vaporbyte, it amuses me to change the name at this stage. Hyped up and never released. 🙂 Maybe I should just sit on this book?
I can hear the cries of anguish. We’re still aiming for a Nov/Dec release. Never fear my trusty fans, yes, you four are the reason I spent the last 10 years writing twisty crime thrillers and driving myself closer to the edge in the process. Enjoy. 🙂

This morning Google alerts shared something really annoying with me. Some total *knob is sharing Killerbyte FOR FREE via Google docs. People, do not be like that guy, okay?
1. It’s a massive violation of my copyrights.
2. It’s outright theft.
3. It takes a year to write each book: that’s all the writing, all the research, all the exhaustive brain power and THEN it’s rounds of editing and cover design and all the other things that go into producing the beautiful work that sits on shelves in stores (both physical and online) … I don’t get paid unless I sell copies.
4. Authors are not rich.
5. If you want a free book, write your own.
6. You are not entitled to anyone’s intellectual property regardless of your fucked up ideas on anything.
7. No one is entitled to anything free. If you are given a free book by the author for any reason the very least you can do is write a review.
8. If you download a free copy during a sale at a reputable seller (you know, one where the author actually gets royalties NOT a pirate site), then write a review.
9. If you do steal and yes, piracy is theft, and also downloading something that belongs to someone else without paying THAT PERSON or their publisher, makes you a thief … how about you write a review and it had better be a glowing one, because thieves have zero business being snippy.
Rant over.

In other news: Cryptobyte made it to #2 in the Critters annual readers poll. You all rock. 🙂
And I didn’t know about the comments until today. Thank you for being so kind.

Now, this little guy came to live with us a week ago today. His name is Patrick and he is a rescue kitten. Here he is making it very difficult for me to pack my backpack and go to the bookshop … so cute!

*FYI: Not actual word said – was a way more sailor-like outburst.


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