I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing …

Thanks for that gem Aerosmith. I do love it. I pressed play, had no idea what I was listening to last – so, the Armageddon sound track was a nice surprise. πŸ™‚ This song in particular has been a favorite for years.
I’ve been hard at it over the last few days, making a lot of headway in the 12th Byte novel. (12! Still amazes me.)
Yesterday I took a break and watched ‘6 Underground’ with THA. Really enjoyed the movie, just went with it, doesn’t pay to think about it while watching (at all) but it was a fun ride. And I needed something that was full on action and would still make me laugh, it fitted the bill.

Today, I’m back into working on Vaporbyte (book 12 if you didn’t yet see it’s title). I’m really tempted to change it back to Crashbyte but I won’t. I’m sticking with Vaporbyte because I know what this book means and it’s the perfect title.
And now for something fun … I was playing around a week or so ago with stuff on a mockup site. [The pictures are clickable, I think? πŸ™‚ – I checked they are.]

How cool would this be?
Or this? πŸ™‚

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