The best kind of surprise

Yesterday I was at the bookshop, writing, actually re-writing the beginning of a new body of work because I didn’t so much like the direction it was going and also, these are new characters (or some are) so, it takes a bit to get to know them. So, anyway, I was at my desk writing and I heard a message alert. It’s Sue and I haven’t seen her for over a year (I think), she asked where I was and said she’d be there soon.
For most people that’s not a big deal – besties getting together is normal. Except we live in different countries and have done for a long time now.
The rest of the day, evening, and night was spent catching up, drinking wine, eating cheese, having dinner (eventually) with Sue’s mum, and generally having a wonderful time.
Best surprise of all … Sue was wearing a tee-shirt I made her years ago. Some of you don’t even know that my books had different covers once, well, they did. And her shirt had the original EXACERBYTE cover. It led us to a discussion about updating the tee-shirts. 🙂

New tee-shirts are on the plan. In fact, they’re here: Tee shirts and whatnot
Think I still need to add Cryptobyte and another version of Qubyte to that selection though.

I also found out that Upper Hutt Library doesn’t have Cryptobyte (yet), Mrs G wanted to read it and has not been able to, but she’s going to request it. She also said when Qubyte came out and the library didn’t have it – they told her I was just over the road and she could go buy it. I’m finding this turn up a bit rude. The point of libraries is (and ours always has) to loan books and to especially stock local authors. Not everyone wants to buy books especially the older generation who are trying downsize. Anyway, I’ve popped off an email to see what’s going on.

In other news: 50% off these amazing boxed sets!!

50% off these boxed sets until Feb 15

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