Stalky McStalkerson

Welcome to Friday and the ridiculous made up holiday that is Feb 14th. Yeah, I’m not a fan.
Been a funny old week, hence the blog title. I’m not going to elaborate but I imagine you can all figure it out.

Work started properly on the new book. It has no title. It’s a tad annoying. I need a title because I don’t like calling things WIP. It’s just how I roll.
The new characters are settling in and the new story is fun, it’s written in two different POV’s, so that’s new and exciting. It may change, who knows? Certainly not me, the author.

Still waiting to hear from two beta readers re-Vaporbyte. I’ve moved on (to keep myself busy really).

Next weekend number 6 turns 21. Don’t know how I feel about that, to be honest. Surprised maybe? Yeah, let’s go with that. But here we are and it’s happening. And you can bet that by next Saturday afternoon I’ll be well and truly over everything about it. Mostly because it’s stressful and not fun. What’s more I’m waiting on her gifts from me that are on the way from the UK. I know they left the UK in plenty of time … but NZ Post isn’t the best at doing their job. And it doesn’t matter how many months ahead something is ordered if they stuff around (like usual). Shrugs.

Haven’t seen my Knight since November and won’t see him for a couple of months yet. I don’t see Easter happening at the moment. To be honest, I don’t see anything happening except more of the same – and I do not like it.
And, you, over there … keep your comments to your fucking self, this is nothing to do with you and I do not need your opinion.

Patrick aka Arseling

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