Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet came on the radio this morning. I’d forgotten how much I love this song. How much I enjoy Dire Straits.

It’s been a shitty few days, weeks, months, okay the entire year. It’s the same for everyone but it doesn’t actually help much to know that, does it?

Anyway, Vaporbyte launches soon. Sept 10.
This launch has been a horrid little learning curve. Things were tried, things failed. It hit me much harder than it should’ve.
I think it’s just the wrong year to launch something as epic as the final book in a series, but, launch it will. Like it or not. I need it to happen.

Clearly, I didn’t plan on the book being so close to life. This is the part that life imitates art it hasn’t even seen yet, hahaha. Yeah, nah.

I had a full launch planned with all the swag and cake and fun. Now it’s a Virtual launch (never done that before).
Stumbling blocks are rife …
1. My MacBook (that I love so much) has an intermittent fault – actually two of them. It randomly shuts down. Caput. Gone. No warning. Nothing has fixed it. I’ve tried everything multiple times. We know it’s not the battery (which is only 15mths old). The time/date resets to 1PM 1/1/2020 – because it’s 2020. Last year it reset to 1/1/2019. (Ghost in the machine?).
2. The trackpad goes insane and the cursor races (grows bigger and shrinks), opens programs and generally is uncontrollable. No clue why. So, I have to use a bluetooth mouse. Yesterday the trackpad worked for 3 hours! Amazing.
3. I have no idea what I’m doing re-the virtual launch.
4. Had a tricky time trying to find somewhere in the house to do the launch.
5. Quite worried that the Mac will do it’s shut down thing mid-whatever and ruin everything. But, I don’t have other options – and cannot cope with anything Windows based as it’s been YEARS since I’ve tried to use windows anything.

Other stuff is going on, making things trickier than they should be.
Tips welcome.
And, If anyone knows what the hell is wrong with my Mac – tell me, please. As long as it doesn’t involve going to an Apple store – we don not have one in our region.


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