Tangled Up In Blue

Due to the major debate in my head all night the other night … indigo or teal!
Well, Readers, both won. Underneath my fairly blonde (kinda strawberry blonde) hair is a layer of indigo, teal, indigo, teal, indigo. And, I like it!
Luckily Kid6 did it for me. Seems fair, because, I’ve coloured her hair lots of bright glorious colours over the years. Sometimes many colours at once. Such fun.
Seems it’s now my turn.

Apart from the hair, not much to report really. Although, work has continued quite steadily on the two new books. This morning I was working on “Life in the Leaves”. I worked on both stories yesterday morning but last night was just the spy story. Something popped up in that story last night and it’s a fairly big development for the characters, so, that’s fun.
I’d like to get another 5K written this week, hoping Friday will be a good writing day.

Hope you’re all having a good week.
And yes, I’m still waiting for the paperbacks to arrive. Sigh.


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