Your Wildest Dreams

Some nights are just not worth the effort, last night was such a night. Very little sleep and a lot of brain rambling. It’s not like my brain was busy working out a plot point or anything, it was not, it was rambling! Thoughts wandered all over the map. Should I add indigo or teal to my hair? Yes, why not? But where should I add this colour?
Next minute, which company created the first shotgun/riot gun? Was it Winchester like Geoff thought? Did John Browning design it? Yes, to both, but instead of just checking my brain spent a good deal of time wandering through the pages of a book called “the history of firearms” that resides deep in my memory, or at least parts of it do. Then, readers, just when it looked like the nonsense had stopped … should I add teal or indigo?
And just for fun, memories of Ngakuta and Governor’s Bay.
It’s our 6th anniversary tomorrow and we’re 5000+km apart separated by COVID in different countries. And I’d looked at some of our videos before I attempted sleep, so, no surprise there. Our videos are hilarious. Much laughter and fun.
Should I add teal or indigo? Where should I had it? Underneath? Maybe a couple of streaks? A layer?
What about if I added it to my fringe?
Oh, and, hey … that missing woman in “Lure the Lie”, she’s not who they want you to believe she is. I know, jeez!!
Is there any reason that Violet in “Life in the Leaves” can’t come clean about the book she wrote? In her mind, yes. Quit it!
Teal or Indigo? Oh, FFS.
Did Browning design the pump action shot gun/riot gun for Winchester?
I’ve always been partial to Ithaca’s. Seriously, Brian Brain, NO ONE CARES.
And on it all went until I saw Chance standing in front of me saying, “You miss Delta, and I bet you miss me.”
Brian Brain thought was a fun time and demanded he say, “Pirate.”

That was my night. Parts of it were entertaining but mostly it was hours of annoyance until I fell asleep after 4am and my bloody alarm went at 6:15. I turned it off and slept until 8:30.


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