Into the Great Wide Open

Today is September 25th. It’s the cancelled VAPORBYTE launch day. Tonight there will be tequila. 🙂
Apart from the disappointment of the year (and it really has been back to back disappointment and learning to roll with the punches) … I’m working on two new projects.
I know, two. My head is shaking as well.
One is “Lure the Lie” my spy/mystery/NZ set novel. Turned into a spy/spy NZ set novel this morning. (You’ll see late next year.)
The other is ‘Life in the Leaves” … it’s a clean romance. (I know, trust me, I know!)
Thing is with these I can apparently write them both simultaneously without any problem at all. Yesterday I was working on “Life in the Leaves” and this morning “Lure the Lie”. The day before I spent a couple of hours on each.
Both are third person, which is also different for me. So, I’m finding my voice using a different POV as well as writing two different stories with brand new characters. (I have the headspace now, which is cool.)
I think, being third person, it’s a bit easier? Maybe? I don’t really know, I do know that I’m not as invested in the lives of these characters – but – that’s because they’re new, I think. I like them fine, a couple of them could become friends, but on a whole, I’m happy to move them around the page and bend them to my will. That was not something I could really do with Ellie, she was a force, you know?

Today is all about music. LOUD music. My immediate neighbors moved away a couple of days ago and I am making the most of it!

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