And the winner is …

It was not an easy task choosing a winner from the wonderful character suggestions. Was definitely a fun exercise.
The winning character did need to fit into the story so far and I think the winner does that. Well, it’s my story, so, I should know. 🙂
The winner is in bold type.

These are the characters I had to choose from:
“He is Swiss, former Swiss guard, fit, posing as a ski instructor in NZ. His name is Elias Buhler.”- Nicky.

“Kari Paunio is Finnish. He’s 6ft tall with dark blond hair and pale blue eyes. His nose was broken at some point and badly reset. He has a scar on his chin from being hit with an ice skate. His voice is low and soft.” – KapitiKats

“Name is Hannelie Van De Merwe, She is a South African accountant of the dodgy type. Red hair looks like a birds nest, makeup is always overdone” – Claudia

“She’s an intelligent, bland-looking 48 yr/old Irish woman, who knits while she talks because it keeps her focus on the details. She skips stitches Morse coding key conversation words in her pieces. And she can kill you did different ways with her needles if she has to. Her name is Cara O’Sullivan, which would translate roughly to ‘friend with dark eyes’.” – Lynette

“Oliver Birman – he’s an associate professor of architecture at Curtin University. An Australian citizen, he’s an albino with a visual impairment that requires him to make extensive use of assistive technology to teach and also to review his students’ work – the visual impairment is also the reason he’s never actually become a professional architect.” – Helen

“Marco he’s dark skinned, dark haired, very dark eyes. But his real name is Mark. He says he’s Italian & fluent in the language, but he’s really from the U.K. on the run & in hiding.” – Terry

“Her name is Siân. She’s petite, red haired, green eyed & is lithe & trouble. She may be small but don’t be fooled she can kick ass & still walk away.” – Terry

“She is Irish, her name is Denise Moore. She is aging enough that no one pays her much attention to really know what she’s up to or really about. That accent is what causes them to think she’s somewhat ignorant, you see her parents migrated to the southern part of the Appalachian mountains of the USA.” – Kathy

And the winner is: Kari Paunio the Finnish gent with the soft voice.
KapitiKats if you could drop me a line via the contact page, I can get your prize out to you :).
Thanks for playing!


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