Jan 1st, 2021

Seems like the best title for the day. Not very inventive but let’s not put too much pressure on 2021.
It’s the last day for the Smashwords Sale (I know it ends on Jan 1 but I think it actually ends on the 2nd for us in the Southern Hemisphere). Links for you: Byte Series and Byte Boxed Sets.

What does the 2021 hold for me and you (my glorious readers) … quite a bit.
Check this out.
Feb 3rd: [Nothing happens here] releases worldwide on all digital platforms. It’s available for pre-order now.
Depending on the proof arrival from Auckland over the next few weeks (didn’t make it by Christmas 😦 ) … [Nothing happens here] will also be available via Writers Plot Bookshop on Feb 3rd. It will not be available as a paperback anywhere else.
Feb 20th: An Introduction to Crime Writing begins at Wellington High School CEC and runs for 6 Saturdays – the tutor is me! (I am so excited for this!) Register, A-SAP. It’s going to be big time fun and you will learn a lot.
April 9th: Join us at Upper Hutt Central Library for a celebration of the Byte Series (we finally get to celebrate the end of the series!). This is public event that kicks off at 6PM, Friday, April 9th. We’ve already come up with 3 versions of the finale cake … so, yes, there will be cake! (and supper, swag, prizes, books and jolly good fun, it’ll seriously be epic.)
Cross your fingers that we’ll have a NZ/Oz open border by then so My Knight can be home for this event and also because we haven’t seen each other in person for an entire year. And to be honest, we’d rather like to be together! 🙂

There are more things happening.
At this stage it looks like [Lure the Lie] will launch in August.
Those who have read the Byte Series, get to see how Crockett is faring after Vaporbyte.
Those of you who read the first edition of [Nothing happens here] get to find out what Nana is up to in [Lure the Lie].

Stay tuned, stick around. Things are happening!
I’m about to get back to work on ‘Life in the Leaves’ while I wait for [Lure the Lie] to come back from my lovely editor/gorgeous long time friend.

Happy New Year. Make it good.


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