Dance, Dance, Dance.

Or wait, wait, wait … but I prefer to dance. 🙂
It’s how I’m wired.
Currently, my wrist is driving me bonkers. Without wearing the wrist widget I can’t do much without pain. There’s only so much the wrist widget can do, it doesn’t help much when I need to move heavy furniture to clean properly. And I did that in the weekend. The price for not dying from dust mite allergy is pain in my wrist.
Turns out I’m quite allergic to the budgies (buggeries as they’re called in our house) and their feathery, seedy, husky, dusty mess. Of course, if the two people who were supposed to keep the feathery, dusty mess under control had done their jobs properly … it wouldn’t be so bad. But, they do not. So now the buggeries are looking for a new home. I wish someone would want to be that home because I’m done.

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. Why not fill your mum’s eReader with fantastic books? I know, magic, right?
Here’s a link to everywhere that sells the Byte Series. That of course is a link to the first book, once you’ve found that you can easily find the others, including the boxed sets. The fourth boxed set is underway …

As for Mother’s Day in our house. I’ve sorted that for myself. I needed a longer dressing gown with pockets (my good one is in Perth and the replacement one is too short for winter and has no pockets!), so, new dressing gown and ugg type slippers for me. (I got the same slippers for Kid 6 and 7.)
My oven gloves kinda wore out and became burny … no one likes that. So, replacement oven gloves were added to my Mother’s Day gifting to myself.

Yesterday the print file for [Lure the Lie] was sent to my lovely printer in Auckland. Should have a proof soon and also some more copies of Killerbyte because we have 1 left in the bookshop.
I’m very much hoping that [Lure the Lie] is all good and that I fixed all the accidents because another whole crop emerged during the last round of edits. My brain said I’d spent all last week formatting and tweaking the book.
It lied. I did the formatting when I got home yesterday!!
I’d spent all last week working on Raidbyte and the hardback formatting. Sigh.

The launch for [Lure the lie] is going to be quiet. It’ll happen at the bookshop with my writing group and My Knight. We will have cake and celebrate among ourselves. (Not fruitcake – it’s not a byte series book. Remember, all those launches are finished.)

Last week we lost Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers. Sad day indeed. He was only 65. The title of today’s post is a BCR song.


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