The holding pattern …

Kinda feels like I’m in a holding pattern right now! Two things are happening but both involve a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. They’ll be well worth it in the end, but, meanwhile … waiting. And we all know, I’m pretty shite at that!

Another thing is underway, let’s talk about that?
So, there is an extra book to go with the Byte Series.
Exciting, right?
Even more exciting is that it’s a hardback.
I know!!
All the long short stories that are in the boxed sets, plus a couple more long shorts (oxymorons abound) are now in one beautiful hardback called “Raidbyte”. If you’re computer geeky you know what a RAID is … and it fits so, I went with it.
I can’t push go on this hardback until I get a proof so, it’ll be a few weeks but how cool!
It’s roughly 70,000 words and spans some ground from Exacerbyte to Vaporbyte (but not beyond, you know why).
I got asked to participate in something and it seemed like a smart idea to create a new work to use in the trial, so, lucky you. You will eventually be able to buy a hardback of Raidbyte. And no, it won’t be an eBook or a paperback. This is a special edition thing.

Now you’re caught up with that fun.

Other news? Well, it’s 38 days until My Knight arrives!! It’s been a long time since he’s been home.

Admin Bubbles had a birthday this week.

We have our thinking caps on regarding an event in Sept for local authors.

And tomorrow evening I’m going to an author talk by Natalie Sisson at the library, about her new book “Suck it Up, Princess”. I think it’ll be a fun evening!

Just finished a short story (an actual short one) for something. So I’ll let that little sucker sit for a few days then give it a tweak and send it off. Such fun.

Right, that’s about it for now! Enjoy the rest of your week!
Here’s the Eraserbyte playlist for your listening pleasure … it’s a weird one, be warned. It starts out all Adele and whatnot and moves fairly quickly into heavy metal.


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