It’s the weekend and whatnot

Just for fun, let’s imagine I’m not drinking?
Yeah, didn’t work did it? 🙂 🙂

Surprise … It’s Sunday night I fucking earned this Cab Sav. How, you say? By finishing THE FINAL byte short so I can get this last boxed set sorted. OMG. I know, right?
Also, I’m doing something else with it too but you don’t know about it yet because it’s a secret. Well, you might know … depends what your name is. If you don’t, that’s a shame!
If you do, well, go you, you’re part of the inner circle!

The story I finished today has been quite the struggle not for any actual reason just because it was. But, now it’s done. And it was fun. Because anytime spent with Ellie is fun, regardless of what we’re doing. We were doing some shit today. Seriously, fun shit. No one died!

At the moment, I’m listening to the Metabyte playlist on Spotify, if you have Spotify enjoy! If not, sign up, it’s free and the playlists from Psychobyte to Vaporbyte are there! I’m getting to the rest. Might take a minute though. Do you realise how many chapters are in my books? Do you? Then, gimme a minute. Jeez.

So, what else is happening.
More secret stuff, damn it, you have to be inner circle.
There will be an announcement as soon as I can make one. Not sure when that will be. Days, I imagine.

What else?
Final edits for [Lure the Lie] are done, just another read through and waiting to hear back from a couple of people … then we’ll be good to go with the formatting. Release day is June 12. Exciting!
Not sure if we’ll have paperbacks then, but, fingers crossed! Or pray, whatever works for you.

It’s 42 days until My Knight comes home.
After 17 months this is a big freaking deal. There will be photos and then radio silence for an undetermined amount of time. 🙂

Seriously, go listen to the Metabyte playlist on Spotify, it’s epic!


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