Last Chance Train

Some days writing very much feels like that, every story has a ‘last chance’ feel to it. It’s just the way it is. Living with a creative mind isn’t always easy but it is always interesting.

I really like this new book [Lure the Lie]. The characters make me laugh and the story was properly fun to write. It’s different, in that there are two first person perspectives and one third. Crazy stuff really. 🙂

So, last night [Lure the lie] went live for pre-sale.
This is another one of those ‘because I can’ things.
It means you can now read it, before the official launch date of June 12.
Why wait, when it’s ready to go? All sales before June 12 are collated on the 12th so, in theory, it gives the book a good bump in the beginning. In theory. If no one buys it during the pre-sale then there’s no point, but, that’s life.

I just sent updated files to the printer in Auckland. The paperback of [Lure the Lie] will be released on June 12. (Currently you can read the book in ePub, Mobi, and PDF.)

Other news this week … killerbyte and terrorbyte are on the Scream app. How cool is that? You can find the app in your app store. (Imagine?) Eventually the entire Byte Series will be available to read chapter by chapter on the app.

Back to work I go on [Leave a message], the next story with Ronnie Tracey, Dave Crockett, and Ben Reynolds … and of course, Nana.


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