That thing when I can’t …

… think of a title for a blog post. It happens especially on a Sunday morning. 🙂
Last night we had old friends over for a meal and it was a fabulous night. My tiramisu was the ‘best yet’ by all accounts. I modified the recipe slightly and the modification is now going to be permanent! Love it when that happens. I can tell you with utmost honesty that it was pretty bloody good while I was making coffee this morning too. (What did you think I’d have for a sneaky brekkie this morning knowing there is tiramisu in the fridge?)

Diesel is lying on my foot. I think he’s tired. He had two walks yesterday and he walked home without a lead. Usually, he walks from a nearby street without his lead because he’s a very good boy. (It’s taken a LOT of work on Freda’s part to get him to this point.)
Yesterday Freda thought she’d give him more freedom and see how his listening ears work. Well, they work very well. So does his ‘checking in’.
Diesel has come a long way from the dog-reactive freight train he used to be. The last 16 months have been a huge learning curve for Diesel and he rises to any challenge. He doesn’t get excited when you say “walk” but if he sees Freda putting treats in her pouch or go near his gear then it’s on. He woos and paces and squeaks with joy. When he’s told to sit and wait, the very tip of his tail wags furiously. But he sits and he waits.

There was a thread on Twitter recently about last lines. “Show me your last line and I’ll guess the tone.” (Fun, right?)

Let’s have a look at some last lines:
Veronica Tracey last lines:
[Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] … He nodded. “Course we did.”
[Leave a Message] … “Wouldn’t miss it Nana.”
[Lure the Lie] … “Then, I will.”
[Nothing happens here] … “Guess I’ll be sticking around for a while then.”

Byte Series last lines:
Killerbyte: “The one thing you didn’t mask … your cologne.”
Terrorbyte: “Now’s good.”
Exacerbyte: He looked back, grinned and held the elevator.
Soundbyte: The sound became a string of silver dragonflies that disappeared out the door.
Snakebyte: For the first time in weeks, maybe even months, I felt that everything was going to be okay.
Databyte: “We’re coming home,” I said, staring down the camera at Owen. “Hope you’re ready.”
Eraserbyte: And I knew I would.
Psychobyte: “Morning, Mrs. Iverson,” he said in my ear. “My shirt looks good on you.”
Metabyte: “Delta A out.”
Qubyte: It sounded a lot like ‘the fuck we will.’ With an internal shrug, I got back to the task at hand.
Cryptobyte: “You too, Julie.”
Vaporbyte red: He rose and shook the empty at me. “Another?”
Vaporbyte purple: Dane and Lee’s voices united, “All for one.”

Well, finding all those last lines took a bit of effort. Enjoy. 🙂
Go ahead and guess the tone if you want to play along. You could also drop your last lines into the comments section. Be more fun if we all had a go! 🙂

Anywho, have at it.


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