Sympathy for the Devil

Monday morning was spent moving furniture, because it is impossible to get all the seed husks and small feathers the birds drop, without moving EVERYTHING. So, the kitchen was pretty well gutted. It echoed mid-way through the process, which was a bit freaky!
Turns out I’m quite allergic to seed husks and dust from seeds. Big surprise, NOT. Seems to be only the budgie stuff though, I’m fine with Big Bird mostly because she doesn’t throw seed husks around like the little buggers (also different seed).
Moving furniture & cleaning thoroughly led to complete misery for the rest of the day/night, which ended in two different antihistamines to try and combat the allergy symptoms. I did all this only a couple of weeks ago, so, I really am not a fan of freaking small birds and there will be NO MORE in this house once these little buggers pop their clogs. (They’re not mine, they belong to the girls.)
My wrist is a bit stuffed today – not really a surprise either!
Now, Timmy and Bucky Barnes are back in the lounge with Big Bird – which made her happy because she really likes the boys. She thinks she can talk guinea pig. 🙂 And the little buggers are also in the lounge but on a table that is easier to move and has nothing under it, fingers crossed it’ll be easier to clean.
Of course, Patrick helped. He helped keep an eye on his little furry brothers-from-another-species while I cleaned their hutch. He’s a big help. In fact he’s such a big help he ended up in his carrier just so he didn’t squashed while we moved things around. The boys were safely back in their hutch for the massive upheaval of two rooms! 🙂
No animals were harmed in the cleaning process.

Timmy, Bucky Barnes & Patrick July 2020

Before I go and start the week … Qubyte and Cryptobyte are 50% off via Smashwords for July. Get in there … catch up on your reading before Vaporbyte launches on Sept 10th. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Devil

  1. I love the interactions among all of these furry/feathered family members. They all have their own personalities, don’t they? Hope your allergies ease up!

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