Que Sera Sera

Recently a few stories have come to light, people separated from the one they love due to border restrictions and COVID. So, My Knight and I are well aware that we’re not the only ones out there who regularly travel 5000 plus km to be together.
And how ever much it sucks … and it does suck, we’re not the only ones who are in limbo.
My Knight could’ve come home in March before the lockdown. He is a kiwi who has lived in Western Australia for over 30 years. The problem with coming home then was he was working, had a few jobs lined up. So, April would’ve been ideal.
Then it happened.
And now we don’t know when we will be together again – and with most of the world (except for WA and NZ) in utter chaos – we can’t even imagine when it will happen.
He still could’ve come home in early April BUT would be stuck here. Not bad for us as a couple at all. In fact, fantastic. The thing is, his business is in WA. His tools and all his gear are in WA. So, he’d be home in NZ but unable to work. Pretty tricky being a carpenter without tools! And not being able to work is financially crippling.
So, we’ve now been physically apart since Nov last year.
We talk every day, we’ve talked every day for 6 years. Usually we know that approximately every 3 months we get a month together (in whichever country). Now, we have no idea what will happen next with the world or when things will sort themselves out so we can fly again.
But, what you probably don’t expect is a couple that are kept apart by this whole nasty situation to agree with the border closures and caution around travel … it is the only way to STOP the spread and the only way to protect people.
Clearly people cannot be trusted to do the right thing on their own. Just look at the morons who sneak out of quarantine facilities, or refuse to get tested, or have parties during a lockdown – wtf?.
Yes, I want our border open, safely, with WA (not the rest of Aussie because it’s a disaster over there). And I know when it happens and My Knight comes home, it’s going to be fantastic (full on amazingly fantastic). I also know it’ll happen when it’s SAFE.
And we have to be patient.
Even though it initially looked like My Knight would be here in September is now looks like he probably won’t be then so won’t be here for my last book launch (because idiots in Melbourne have ruined the bubble chances for the rest of Australia) and that makes me sad because it’s been 12 years of work and I very much want to celebrate the end of this journey with ALL my family and friends. On the flip side, there is zero point worrying about it or thinking about it really.
The plus side is, he’s over in Perth and Perth is like NZ, as in safe. And he’s been working the whole time … by the time our border opens he’s going to need a long holiday!!

So, don’t ask me when My Knight and I will be together again because it’s out of our hands and there is nothing we can do about this situation and it sucks a giant kumara … Que Sera Sera

Edited to add a total kick in the arse: a surgery date early next month for My Knight to get his left hip replaced (right was done late last year, and I was there to look after him during his recovery, it’s major surgery and it’s takes a bit of time to recover). This time, I cannot be there because of the above COVID shit (people who do whatever and fuck the world over with their selfish stupidity).


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