Living in a Ghost Town

Hey! I’m back. 🙂 Did ya miss me? (Actually laughing, I suspect no one noticed my absence.)
Had a fabulous time down in the Marlborough Sounds with Admin Bex. Was great being there and just being. You know? Down there you can forget about the world, because nothing touches Mahau. You can actually shut the world out.
Didn’t get as much reading done as I thought I would. So, that surprised me. We unwound. We laughed. We forgot about the shitty world for a bit. Maybe that was more necessary than reading the two books I need to read or proof reading the kindle versions of Vaporbyte, right now.
That’s okay. I’m home and no doubt I’ll get back to reading. I’m not writing at the moment so I may as well read. 🙂 I decided to give myself a freaking minute and step back from writing until after the launch of Vaporbyte in September.
Think I need to just let the dust settle and enjoy the accomplishment that is a 12 book series. Then I can get back to work on the new project. 🙂


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