Heavy like the Rain

^^^ That’s Kevin Costner and Modern West’s new song. I do like it! But then, I’m a bit of a Modern West fan, so there was a good chance I would.

It’s Wednesday. The week is rocking along rather quickly as always. Words are mounting up in Lure the Lie. I’m really getting into this story. The more I learn about Crockett the more fun I’m having. I think that’s a good thing, because, if I enjoy it then someone else might as well. 🙂

My notebook for this story is starting to look dog-eared and a tad messy. It’s also good, that means I’m using it a lot. It’s got partial scenes and random notes about things that pop up during the writing process. And doodles. Lots of doodles.
It’s not just Wednesday, it’s the first Wednesday of November. We are running out of year. Seeings as it’s 2020, that’s not a bad thing.

I’m trying (really trying) to get Christmas organised but we also have a bunch of birthdays coming up. Figured if I got a couple of Christmasy things with the groceries every week, it’d add up. And it has, but, that still leaves the girls main presents. The adult girls are sorted (I was a bit clever there and opted to do baskets – they’ll probably be boxes to be honest). Almost got Superman sorted. He’ll be up at the end of the month and we’ll do the first Christmas then – sort of a pre-birthday, pre-Christmas extravaganza with the fam and all the noise. I can not wait! I absolutely love having as many of the kids as possible in the house (or garden). The boys are absent – one is in London and one in Sydney, and COVID has made damn sure they aren’t going anywhere. 😦 Same with My Knight, he’s stuck in Perth indefinitely while we wait (as patiently as we can) for border restrictions to lift.

Now I have a couple of hours writing time ahead of me – so – take care out there, you lot.

Don’t forget you can find my books on Google Play now!


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