Today, I was writing (imagine?). It’s pretty fun, not gonna lie. Really enjoying Lure the Lie and getting inside Crockett and Ronnie’s heads. It really is fascinating finding out what makes these two tick.
My characters needed to secure something today. Something small but in the wrong hands it would get people killed. The more I thought about it the more I knew it couldn’t be with anyone and it couldn’t be in a place where someone could get it, not yet anyway.
Then the overthinking started. So I vacuumed and made calzone. And doodled in my notebook and read some of the rambling notes that built up to the problem my characters faced.
So how did I solve the problem?
Old school, that’s how. They mailed it. That’s right. They put it in an envelope, addressed it to a business owned by Ronnie (making sure to use the street address and not the PO box), and dropped it in a mailbox. Even if the bad guys find that information, getting that letter out of the mail is going to be tricky and draw attention. If they have to wait for it to be delivered … well, it’s going to take a few days. Because even going to an address in the same city, the mail still has to be processed. And mail isn’t delivered every day here. So, that helps keep the important little device out of harms way a bit longer.
Old school sneakiness. 🙂

Problem solved.

Now that’s sorted I can hopefully write the next chapter in the morning and see what else pops up. I suspect it’ll be something about Crockett, he’s shaping up to be a bit of a wild card.

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