Only In My Dreams

Title is a song by Bon Jovi from 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong …

Welcome to the second week of November. Been an interesting few days/weeks/months … year, right?
I have a feeling things are looking up. Might take a while for the world to come right, but, things are definitely moving the right way now.

I’ve got a lot of words down in the last week and that’s great. Makes me happy to be making progress with Lure the Lie. That change of POV was the best move ever. Did not really think a spy novel would be so much fun. But, by crikey it is!
I’m really hoping to have a completed first draft by the end of the month. That, dear readers, will make me very happy indeed.

Right now, it’s freezing here. Spring is clearly confused and forgot it should be moving toward summer not freaking winter. As you know, I hate being cold. So, this is not ideal.

Other things are happening here – Christmas prep is well under way. Kid7 discovered the joy of reading – so she’s getting the Twilight boxed set for Christmas and is super excited about it. I really don’t care what she reads, I’m delighted that she is reading. 🙂

Now, do you remember when I was on the Break it Down Show a couple of months ago? Well, now the podcast version is out (the live version over on Facebook). Sometimes, you just want to hear it though right?
I absolutely love chatting with Pete, he’s fun, he’s cool, and he’s super supportive.

Such fun!
And here’s the cover from the show, with Pete’s haiku.


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