Big Sur?

So, the updates arrived for my MacBook the other day. Bit a pain in the arse as they needed 16 gig more than I had available … cue much annoyance and deleting of four years worth of emails and whatnot. Who knew I hoarded emails? Me, I knew. Anyway, I hit the install button again today and it all happened. Yay.
I’d be more impressed if my weather choices were still there but no, apparently I accidentally managed to change some bloody place in America that I care not a jot about to Kenwick, WA but cannot get Upper Hutt, New Zealand back. That’s a bit annoying. Never mind, not the end of the world, it’s still on my phone and I have windows, so I can pretty well tell what the weather in Upper Hutt is like.
Other than that … pretty good weekend. Great night out at friends last night. Much needed R&R.
Surpassed the 50K mark on this new novel, thank fuck for that! It’s always hard getting to 50K but after that it all seems to be much faster. By the time I finished this afternoon I was almost at 52K. So, yay. On track for a completed draft by the end of the month. 🙂

Wrote a really nasty scene this arvo before I called it for the day. Really icky. Ended up getting the washing in and cooking dinner to ground myself again. Dinner was delicious and salady. Yeah, that’s a word.

Yesterday I iced three Christmas cakes completely and have two sitting in their almond paste icing waiting to be finished. Christmas is coming together. Like it or not, we are heading toward Christmas. Books make great gifts, btw. 🙂

I’m looking forward to our pre-Christmas Christmas at the end of this month. Always good fun when the kids are home, the boys will be much missed though. Superman will be here, and that will be marvelous. Wish My Knight was able to come home, but, COVID and closed borders and all that shit.

My mother would’ve been 83 today. Strange thought. One of my grandson’s is 11 tomorrow. Also, a strange thought! 🙂

Because it really was delicious and salady.

roast chicken breast, camembert, beetroot, potato and kumara salad, with tomatoes.


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