Where’d my ideas go?

I had this whole blog post in my head this morning but then I left my MacBook at home due to the horrendous weather, so I couldn’t write it when I got to the bookshop. Also, my wrist isn’t terribly happy at the moment. It’s been aching like a bastard for three days and nights, so, that’s not fun and makes it hard to write with a pen which is why I didn’t make notes when this wonderful blog post formed.
In case you were wondering … this is not it!
I kinda thought it had something to do with writing. Half a chance, I suppose.

Maybe I’ll just tell you about my writing week.
1. [Lure the Lie] is off with three beta readers (who can cope with an utter rubbish first draft). It’s looking like a August (ish) release for that book.
2. [Nothing happens here] is being read by a dear friend who promises to catch any oddities. The files were sent to my printer yesterday and he emailed to say he’ll try and get me a proof copy before he closes up for Christmas. Hooray. NHH has all new ISBN’s, a nice edit, a new cover, and is now under 9mm Press. I’m expecting the release to be Feb 2021.
3. Upper Hutt City Library reached out about a finale event for the Byte Series. If you remember, that was going to be this year but COVID happened. It’s now on the Library calendar for April 9th 2021. I am pretty excited about it, it’s always fun celebrating books, but it’ll be nice to have a proper wake for the series. Bit of closure for me.
4. The Byte Series Volume One is free until Dec 12. Get in quick! Three books PLUS a bonus short story and all for free. It’s my birthday week, and you’re welcome. Pretty sure it’s actually free all day on Dec 12.
5. There will be half price books via Google Play (I think it’s the middle three book) from the 11th. I’ll pop the code on social media.
6. All the Byte Series books will be half-price on Smashwords from Dec 18-28th. (I’ll pop links about the place when the sale goes live.)
7. We had our last writing group for the year at Writers Plot Bookshop on Wednesday. It’s been a blast and I’m already looking forward to everyone coming back at the end of January.
8. Is that enough do you think? 🙂
9. Fingers crossed for open borders by April so Geoff can get to the Byte Series finale!

10. Google Play birthday/Christmas/My Knight’s birthday promo for Databyte, Eraserbyte, and Psychobyte is live: https://play.google.com/redeem?code=3W5G5ZBWLRWGZ… Just click the link to redeem the code or go to Google Play choose one of the books mentioned in this paragraph and use this code at checkout: 3W5G5ZBWLRWGZ


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