Moving right along …

Google Play birthday/Christmas/My Knight’s birthday promo for Databyte, Eraserbyte, and Psychobyte is live:… Just click the link to redeem the code or go to Google Play choose one of the books mentioned in this paragraph and use this code at checkout: 3W5G5ZBWLRWGZ

That’s fun right?
The last few days were birthday celebration days for me, yep, they were. My tequila consumption increased accordingly.
Apart from setting up some scheduled posts on FB and Twitter, very little work went on. And that’s fair enough, I think.
I’m in that weird post-first draft stage anyway. My brain doesn’t want to do much and I’m thinking Brian Brain knows a thing or two, so I’m going along with the ‘do-nothing’ plan. Christmas is coming. I can take a break.

I’m waiting for a few things … a proof copy of [Nothing happens here] from Auckland. I’ve already made some changes because a very wonderful author friend is reading for me. She’s so good at picking up typos and weird shit that I think she’ll find them all before the proof gets here. That’s not a bad thing, and things show up in print that may not be obvious in electronic versions. 🙂
Couriers. Yep, waiting on couriers. Parcels are arriving today. Hooray. That means I can wrap the last things and I’m done. Also waiting on my birthday present from My Knight which is coming from MightyApe and they’re unusually slow. I know what it is and I really want it to arrive so I can use it. If you’ve been following along you know I love fountain pens and that mine broke, so, My Knight got me a new one and it’s fancy.
Kid6 gave me a beautiful notebook for my birthday, it’ll be perfect with the new fountain pen.

About the only thing I’ve done writing wise in the last four days is to go over my formatting notes and add them to a nice new notebook, along with all the ISBN’s of my books and everything else that needs to be handy and in one place. Makes my life easier. And I like things tidy. 🙂


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