Hello, to you!

Yes, I know, an uninspired blog title. I haven’t slept since Thursday night – you get what you get. 🙂
A lot happened this week.
Here we go:
1. Yes, I am writing another Kiwi book. This one is called [Leave a Message] and it’s another fun time with Ronnie, Crockett, and the Cronies of Doom.
2. I finally got a diary! So, now I know what I’m actually doing and when.
3. Related to 2 … I have a plan for the final Byte event (and the event was finalised by UH Library so it’s definitely going ahead on April 9).
4. The plan is extensive and stuck to my wall. I can happily say I have four things on the plan already underway and they’re cool as fuck. I also have quotes for several other things and a timeline to make those happen, again, cool as fuck. You’re in for a treat if you make it to the event! Took a fair bit of time searching for what I wanted and making sure I could get everything from a NZ business (preferably a small business). Getting quotes is a time consuming but enjoyable exercise for me. The final touches are the icing on the ‘series’ cake for me!
5. I am 100% teaching at Wellington High School Community Education Centre from Feb 20th. “An Introduction to crime writing”. Super duper exciting. With that in mind, I ordered more ink so I can sort the rest of my notes out.
6. It’s school uniform time and that means dealing with an arsehole company that has a monopoly on NZ school uniforms, again. NZ Uniforms, is the company. I have not met a single parent who likes them or dealing with them. Their customer service is bullshit. So, not holding out any great hopes on Kid7’s senior shirts fitting – because the stupid site still has NO measurements beyond sizes, and any idiot knows that sizes vary greatly. And it’s far enough away that ordering online is the only option for a lot of us.
7. [Nothing happens here] went to print on Wednesday (could’ve been Tuesday), so that’s exciting. We’ll have the books in our bookshop by launch day (Feb 3rd).
8. Thursday started with cortisone in my wrist. That pretty well wiped out Thursday and Friday. Cortisone flare isn’t much fun, but, it’s easing now and I have a heap more movement. It was fantastic until the anaesthetic wore off on Thursday afternoon. 🙂 Taking it a bit easy at the moment.
9. We have a plan for the event cake, it’s ambitious but I think we can pull it off. Kid6 is great at coming up with cake designs.
10. I designed a couple of logos for me! You might’ve spotted one when my website comes up on searches. Finally have something in my colours. 🙂 I also have a black and grey version for things.
11. I created three videos for [Nothing happens here] and here’s a preorder link for you! [Nothing happens here]

Right, I think that’s it. If you’re in the Wellington Region – enjoy our anniversary weekend! Stay safe out there and remember to use the COVID app!


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