The One I Love

And I’m back ~
You may not have noticed my absence but I was gone all week and now I’m back. I had a magnificent fourish days in Christchurch with my sister from other parents. 🙂
There’s really no photos of the trip because the only reason for it was to spend time together. No sight-seeing. (Also, I was in Christchurch – it’s flat as and there’s nothing to see.)
I have returned re-charged and ready to get on with the launch of [Nothing happens here] … first job is to chase the proof because I can’t do shit until that’s read and whatnot. That will be the focus until it’s sorted.
Then, I need to finish all notes for my Introduction to Crime Writing at CEC.
My Knight has had a serious health issue over in Perth – he’s trying to get to the bottom of it all and is getting better. Yay! Here’s hoping that by the time our border opens to Oz that he’ll be able to fly. He cannot at the moment. It’s a bit of a worry to be honest and not being able to be there is yet another COVID related piece of shit. Come on vaccines!
What else?
Isn’t that enough?
Yeah, there’s things … summer has FINALLY arrived and I found I am unprepared for sudden heat.

Let’s have a wee chat about [Lure the Lie], I’m pretty excited for you all to read this book. But you’ll have to wait until later this year, maybe August, maybe sooner … first there’s the re-launch of [Nothing happens here] then I’m teaching for six weeks, then we’re celebrating the finishing of the Byte Series … then … it’ll be time to really ramp up for the [Lure the Lie] release. Patience.
Just quietly, I think you’re going to like it.
And, another story with Crockett, Ronnie, Donald and Nana is wiggling about in my mind. Some of it might have fallen out of my pen into a notebook. It seems to be called [Leave a Message]. Yep, that’s all ya get.

Now, if I get COVID it’s going to be because of the inconsiderate woman next to me on the plane yesterday evening, masks go OVER your mouth AND nose, bitch. (JQ290 was the flight humber.)
She completely ignored instructions and to be honest Jetstar should’ve kicked her off the plane unless she’s going wear the fucking mask properly. And she didn’t, readers. She had the middle seat and completely ignored the mandated mask requirement … by only covering her mouth with the mask. Stupid! Yep. People like that, that think the law doesn’t apply to them can fuck right off into the sea. And guess what? She’s taught her son to do the same. Get in the fucking sea!

Something altogether nicer?
I started working on Life in the Leaves before I left for CHCH. It’s a lovely story. Could be why I’m not overly enthused. No one dies. No one is in any danger of death. THERE IS NO CRIME. But, the characters are wonderful and fun to write. I need to just get over the genre switch and get on with it! I know it’ll be a fast write once I get back into it and it’s mostly outlined. I’m dragging my feet a bit. Could be a lot to do with the need to get [Nothing happens here] finalised, though.

Right then, I’m off to the bookshop this morning. 🙂


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