Blindspot cross-over

Howdy. I’ve been binge watching Blindspot on Neon. I knew I’d love it. It’s 100% up my alley. What I didn’t realise was how much would be familiar to me, tech and also story wise. Clearly the writers had some serious fun with this series.
Anyway, I was watching the other day and someone said three words that sounded unrelated. I knew straightaway it was a coordinate, because if I’d written it, it would be and I would’ve used What3Words to ‘code’ the coordinate and drill it down to a metre square section somewhere in the world. Why? Because I have, several times in my work – in the Byte Series and in, [Lure the Lie], and it’s fun to use and also … you can play on the name of the app. But more importantly it gives you a grid reference that’s accurate and it’s real.
I was delighted that they used What3Words in Blindspot, mostly because it’s not something that is used a lot in fiction and it’s fucking cool as. 🙂
Other things have popped up too (although I am under caffeinated and unable to recall them at the moment), I do know some of the story lines are pretty close to some of mine.
So, if you haven’t had the joy of watching Blindspot and you like FBI/CIA shows with lots of code and tech and fun … go watch it. It’s 100% binge worthy.
Also, maybe go pick up my Byte Series … if you haven’t already. 🙂 See the similarities and cross-overs for your self.
Everyone needs to escape sometimes.

Question for you all … do any of you think it’s worthwhile making the first book a series free?
Killerbyte has been free in the past but I didn’t have control of it then and I don’t know if it did me any good or not. What say you, world? Do you all like getting the first book of a series free? Does that entice you to part with your cash to purchase the other books? (FYI, mine are not expensive.)
Help an author out!


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