Everything trundles on until it doesn’t …

We need more sales via the shop. March has been utter shite! So, if you’re looking for a good read or a great gift … now’s the time! Writers Plot Bookshop is waiting for you. We’d really appreciate it, moving in on our 6th birthday and we’d rather like to make it to our birthday! Come on, New Zealand, explore what kiwi writers have to offer! Books for Easter? Books last a lot longer than eggs!!

So, it’s Friday. Two weeks until the Books with Byte event. Seems to have come around awful quick!
Today, there was a plan. It was simple really. Grab some more details for a funding application, do some dreary houseworky things, and get some writing done.
That’s not quite how it looks now.
An email threw me a tad. I knew it was coming but I didn’t really believe it was going to be a thing. It’s a thing. Well, perhaps. Waiting to have something vetted by best friend/lawyer and I raised a concern.

Concentrating on other things is a bit tricky, right about now. I’ll get there, get some stuff done, and find the info the application needs. And, settle the hell down.

It’s TWO WEEKS until the Byte event.
I know I said that up there ^^^ but, it’s TWO WEEKS!! Panic is creeping in. That’s fairly normal.
Also, Easter is next weekend, smack in the middle. I’ll be using Easter to ice the cake. Seems like a good use of a four-day weekend.

Tomorrow is my last teaching morning until October. I’m all about endings and motivation tomorrow. What fun. Tweaked all my notes and don’t think I have any ink. Bugger. Looks like I’ll be sending them to my kindle. Probably easier anyway!
Kindle is charging in anticipation.

Everything is trundling on even though it’s gone a bit sideways today.
When I know for sure what this “thing” is, I shall let you all know. But for now, it’s a “thing”.

Have a good weekend!! Go buy a book!!


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