Almost jersey weather!

Part of me is delighted, because last year I knitted AWESOME jerseys but the rest of me is unimpressed because I like summer and very much dislike winter. (And it’s coming!) Yesterday I wore my big purple knitted jacket, it was cold enough. Today, I’m working from home so an old hoodie will do the job!
Tomorrow I’m in the city teaching crime writing. It’s so much fun! It will be cold when I leave home, so, perhaps my big purple jacket will get another outing.

In writerly news: A Facebook event exists for the “Books with Byte: celebrating author Cat Connor” Finally got off my butt and set that up yesterday. Yay!
We’re getting ever closer to cake, I mean, the event.
Today I plan on creating some fondant things.
We shall refer to them as things until the event kicks off and you all get to see what they actually are! 🙂
Such fun.

Got back to work on the final “short” that belongs with the Byte Series yesterday. Hopefully, I can get into that again this weekend. Would rather like to put the fourth and final boxed set together soonish. I was pleasantly surprised when I read it through the story yesterday. Been a while since I’ve done anything in that story. It’s interesting and getting more so by each line! There is another story that co-exists with this last one, I’m not sure yet if it’ll become part of it. No doubt my brain will work that out for me and it’ll just happen, or not, as the case may be. Quite fun being back in Ellie’s world, albeit briefly.

[Lure the Lie] is with my editor, so, I don’t need to think about that until I get it back. Should give me enough time to finish the byte short (it’s currently about 8K and looks like it’ll hit at least 20k).

Hope you all have a fab weekend.


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