The Dance

I spent quite a bit of time tonight adding songs to the “Books with Byte” event playlist on Spotify. And then, I started listening to “The Eclectic Redneck” playlist. It was originally a CD called The Eclectic R Word … but if you say that now young folk think you mean a particular slur. Anyway, it’s a collection of songs that were sent to me a long time ago from a guy who really was an eclectic redneck. We’re going way back to MSN chat room days, for this playlist! 🙂
In case you want to listen, the playlist is ^^^ up there! Those songs all mean something to me, they hold memories and laughter, and a few tears.

It’s the end of our Easter Weekend and it’s four sleeps until the “Books with Byte” event! So close!
Feels like it’ll be a fun night. I’ll do my best to make sure you all have fun.

I mostly spent the weekend cleaning. Moving furniture and giving the house a good vacuum and whatnot.

Then today, I started writing. I’m finishing this last Byte short. It’s less short by the minute but never mind. I will, at some stage, have the final boxed set ready to go. This story belongs with that set. It comes somewhere between Cryptobyte and Vaporbyte, in fact, instead of putting it at the end it’ll probably be slotted in between those books.
It started out being about a biographer, writing Ellie’s story, which exposed a secret. Not even I knew this one! And then a new case popped up. True to form it’s not just about one thing!
Very much enjoying writing it though.

[Lure the Lie] has its ISBN’s and has completed two rounds of edits. It is currently being read by a dear friend and crime writer (Thank you Margot!) and also my favourite intelligence guy (Thank you Pete!). Two very awesome people.
Then it’ll be tweaked again and head off for another read-through by my editor. We’re pretty close now. Looking at late May for the release. Currently, trying to decide on the cover colour.

That’s it from me for now.
Hope to see a bunch of you on Friday night at Upper Hutt Library.

Will post photos of the cake and the event early next week.
Stay frosty!


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