News at 10.

I figured it’d be about ten by the time I get this written, so, there ya go. 🙂
As many of you are aware, on Friday we had a wonderful event at Upper Hutt Library called: Books with Byte.
It was great fun.

Books with Byte ends the byte series. We launched Vaporbyte (both versions) because we couldn’t do it properly during lockdown last year.

I am very grateful that we could all come together this year – in the library. It’s much easier to talk about the series and what I do when I’m in front of people. Might just be me, though.

Now, the news:

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Crazy Maple Studios. After some consultation with best friend/lawyer, and the Admins and whatnot; I sold serialisation rights and signed with Crazy Maple Studios last week! They have the serialisation rights to the whole Byte Series. So, the books will be appearing on their apps at some stage.
Quite exciting!!

I don’t know yet if the covers will change (I don’t mind if they do), it’s exciting to be on a new platform and reaching people in a different way.

Back to the event:
Had a great turn out (needed more chairs and that’s always a good sign) and also a lot apology messages. 🙂
Was awesome to see so many folks at the event. As you can see in the photos there was social distancing of chairs. We might’ve ruined that when we needed extra chairs, though. Everyone signed in.
We had a random number draw (4 times) and four people received my wee gift bags. There were also random spot prizes. They were either Mac’s pocket litter or soaps. (I will put up photos of the soaps and pens on my Facebook page later today.)
Waiting on some photos from the lovely Devon who was photographer on Friday night (because she’s awesome like that), so here’s a few to go on with! In the first pic I was pretending to be an audience member. Such fun.

Lisa being the media rep at the event. She’s marvellous. 🙂

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