Neighbours from hell …

I know someone who regularly tries to read my blog or reach my site but it’s blocked in his current part of the world. I don’t know why, potentially, I swear too much and have little regard for sensibilities. It will be interesting to see if Michael gets to see this post! 🙂
We all know I’m not for everyone.

What follows is a bit of a rant …
Currently, life is highly stressful at home. We have arsehole neighbours who clearly don’t know how to operate in society and give zero fucks about anyone.
It’s been constant phone calls to police and the council and now government agencies. I need to protect my daughters mental health and these arseholes need to fuck right off. (My sense of security has gone. I know I can’t leave the house and go away for a weekend with these ‘tards next door – they will break in and smash things up, it’s what they do to their own house, so, they’d think nothing of doing that to ours.)
The problem is the lack of “old guard”. The men that kept the wannabe gang teens in line were the old boys, the life-long members … well, they’re gone and bullshit reigns.
There is no parenting – just hurling of abuse.
There is no consideration of anyone.
When I asked them to quieten down they yelled abuse at me, smashed our fence, cut my washing line, threw dirty nappies at the window, stole two chairs and used them to break into the house they were locked out of. (I went and got my chairs, because the ‘adult’ didn’t think to return them when they were discovered … because they give no fucks about anyone but themselves.)
The kid doesn’t go to school. He should be in school. We gleaned from an exceptionally loud phone call, that he’s been stood down. Big surprise, not!
The being woken after 11PM by her shouting from her doorway for the little fucker to come home, every other night, is tiresome! I don’t sleep the best anyway and I sure as hell don’t need to be woken by her fog-horn of a fucking voice.
(You can tell how pissed off I am from the number of f-bombs being dropped in here.)
I can’t work from home – because it’s too noisy with those wankers next door. They can’t even close a door without banging it, let alone walk up stairs without thumping … and that’s on top of the constant shit LOUD music and shouting. I think her normal speaking voice is Fish Wife.
Who the actual fuck slams a ranch slider? Why, my neighbours, that’s who!
So my writing time is now horse-shoed into bookshop time which is UNSUCCESSFUL because it’s too fucking noisy up here (traffic noise), or awesome customers need help (I like that part).
You might have noticed my annoyance.
It’s not going away, like the headaches they cause. Yes, I have had considerably more migraines and trust me with neighbours like these you don’t want to have migraine disorder!
Now the chairs we had in the front are behind the locked back gate. Go ahead, arse-wipes, make my day.

I need security cameras, a much higher fence, armed guards, and some razor wire. (Not to mention a poison garden!)
Then maybe we’ll feel safe again, like we did before lock down ended last year and we got the first lot of utter bullshit neighbours – but at least they were trying to kill each other and polite to us!!


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