Have you noticed …?

This has been going on for a while now, but, fuck me, it’s pretty annoying to a certain age group (mine).
The thing is …

When you say “I’m working on myself.”
We want to know what kind of tools you’re using. Is there a hammer? Has some body part come loose that needs reattaching? What the actual fuck do you mean? Are we talking Bob? What is going on??
In my day (yes, I’m that fucking old), no one worked on themselves. What you did was … have a bit of a think, admit you fucked up and say you’ll harder next time.
Work on yourself!
Settle down. You’re not a DIY project. Jeez.

What the bejesus needs so much “processing“?
Are you a computer? Are you? Is someone speed typing on your keyboard?
No, they’re not.
It’s not “a lot to process” … it’s just some shit that happened. Trust me if you carry on making a meal out of everything that happens in your life (or anyone else’s) you won’t have time to live.
In my day, we had a coffee with a friend and bitched a bit. Problem solved. Moving right along. There was no need to spend days, weeks, months … processing. (The only processor we had was a food processor.)

And as for, unpacking.
That’s what you do to your suitcase when you get home from holiday. Unpack and chuck it all in the washing machine. Done.
We also unpack the groceries and put them away.
God knows what you lot are on about, I don’t see any groceries and the bloody suitcase is empty.

For fucks sake, shut up about working on yourself, unpacking, and processing. Live your lives and stop being so very special about it all. Honestly, you’re making life a lot harder than it needs to be.
Coffee or wine with a mate will solve most problems. No need to make a production out of everything.

As you were, I’ve got a novella to finish (apparently it’s not a short story at all), and another book to write. I’d kinda like to get that finished by the end of the year, and time, well, it waits for no one!

If anyone is keen to beta read my latest book, then drop me a line (leave me a comment). You need to be able to read either ePub or Mobi files and to get back to me by the end of April.
This is a NZ set PI/Spy book called [Lure the Lie].
“A stranded Australian intelligence officer and a retired-NZSIS intelligence officer turned PI find themselves working together to find a missing cryptographer.”


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