The singer sang his song …

It’s been quite a week!
The final changes were made to Raidbyte, after I waded through the proof. Kinda fun to be honest. And there is something particularly awesome about a hardback. I do love it. At some stage I will update the info on Amazon because it says nothing … but they make the process so fucking painful, I’m putting it off. Why does everything require ‘re-publishing’? Just let people change details on the details page and get on with life.

Some of you might know that I fell down our stairs on Wednesday afternoon. That slowed me down a bit! Until today the stairs were a pain in the left leg to negotiate and I didn’t appreciate it. Today it’s not so bad, annoying but not so bad.

Managed to go to Grandson 2’s rugby game this morning. Very much enjoyed watching him play for the first time in a year.
Tomorrow is Granddaughter 2’s cross country. Sporty sporty.
Also, tomorrow, the buggeries go to live in Wellington.

In writing news: [Lure the lie] is back with my editor for a final read. The files will be uploaded to all the usual places very soon. It will be ready to drop onto your devices on June 12th. (FYI pre-order is available via the usual platforms.)
There was a bit of swearing, okay a lot, when I discovered that the file magically had another font creep into it. I wouldn’t have noticed except I saw some speech marks were straight and not curly. Curious. When I realise how wide spread it was I was quite pissed off. Ended up in having to select all text and switch it back to Georgia. Pretty strange really, considering I write in a template and have never used anything but Georgia in the body of the file. I guess it was an import from my editor’s computer.
Created a lot of unnecessary work when I had to go put all the headings back. And swearing. Lots of that.
Then more swearing at the advent of weird double spaces and movement of the page breaks.
But, it’s done. And hopefully all the oddities are gone.
I’m waiting for the paperback proof at the moment. Of course now I’ve changed stuff – but – it will show me if there is anything I didn’t spot, so, I’ll still be crawling through the book when it arrives. Just in case.

[Leave a message] is coming along nicely … I have no idea where it’s going but it’s going. 🙂
Maybe Crockett will come into his own in this one, I feel like he’s starting to warm up.

As the next few months go on you’re going to start hearing more and more about “Inside Quote Marks” – an event we are putting together for authors and readers here in Upper Hutt (happening September 5th). Such fun. Head to Writers Plot Bookshop Facebook page for details.


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