Break on through to the otherside …

Man, I’m a sucker for punishment. I picked that book up again last night … and the butchery got worse. Didn’t think it was possible. I’m now fully convinced the author used a word Lexicon, not just a thesaurus but someone elses compiled list of ridiculous words. At first it was hilarious, not gonna lie, but after 17 chapters of utter rubbish, it’s just plain annoying. The only reason I picked it up again … I needed to sleep and reading helps, doesn’t matter what the book is. Clearly!

Please excuse any typos that may lurk in here today. I’ve added Grammarly but it doesn’t seem to be working. (New Browser, new computer … you know the story!)

Anywho, I’m now working on three projects plus the Event, and there is another project in the wings. This is how life goes. It’s all or fuck all. 🙂
I don’t mind but my brain might.
I’m going to have to schedule projects so everything gets a fair shot.
Not sure if that will work with everything but it should with at least two projects. If I have a beat sheet or an outline, then there is a better chance at scheduling.
Well yesterday got away from me, actually it spiralled into yet another migraine and I went home early.

Let’s try this again. And now we’ve added another project. It’s fun. So fun. It’s a combined project so I don’t have to do all the writing myself, just a couple of chapters.
Prior to that happening this morning I was working on project two (Life in the Leaves). It’s happily sitting just under 19k now, so, well on the way to being a book. I am enjoying it despite it being a different genre than usual. Maybe it was time for a wee change? Don’t think it’ll be something I’ll do much of, but, nice for a change.

Raidbyte the hardback! 🙂



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