If You Want My Love You Got It

I cannot lie I love me some Cheap Trick and that song ^ was playing when I turned the radio on this morning. It’s one of my favs from Cheap Trick.
I’ve been radio silent for a wee while. No doubt you’ve missed my insightful posts and blunt comments on, well, everything. 🙂 (Or Not.)

Life’s been ever so busy here.
You probably know by now that I have a large family (lots of kids mostly grown adults) and sometimes it gets busy. It’s one of those times. It’s wonderful having a family like ours all the time and when there’s trouble we unite like super glue. No one and nothing can get between us.

Currently, I’m working on 3 creative projects plus the “Inside Quote Marks” Writers/Readers event for Feb 27th which involves ANOTHER creative project this time in the form of a play. (So really, 4 creative projects.)
Oh, and, I’m a judge in a big (BIG) Upper Hutt competition – there are 101 entries. I have a LOT of reading to do over the weekend. 🙂

Please excuse my tardiness when it comes to blog posts and keeping you all updated!
Here’s your catch up:
1. [Leave a message] Ronnie Tracey book 3 … think I’m about a third of the way through, maybe?
2. Life in the Leaves – romance requested by Doris. Just over the 20k mark, this is not an epic so, I’m hoping to call it complete at 55K. Quite enjoying the change of genre.
3. Collaboration. Project: Murder Book, first chapter written. Read the first chapter to my writing group and I think they enjoyed it, it is very different to anything I’ve written before.
4. “Hey, Poodle!” play. We have the characters filled out, and a rough draft of a possible first scene including dialogue. We have an outline of sorts. Probably enough for a beat sheet. And Devon has all the info for the funding round. (I think.)

So there you go.
I’ll try and get back here early next week.
Meanwhile, stormy today. And Brian Brain is being a dick as usual.
As an aside, I’m on new migraine meds in the hope of preventing the weather related and smell related migraines now that blue-blocking reading and distance glasses have pretty well controlled the light triggered ones. It’ll take about a month before we know if the meds work. Fingers crossed.


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