Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1

Here we go New Zealand, our Level Four lockdown is underway, we got this. We are a team of 5 million. Let’s not forget that. Stay home, stay safe, be kind. We do not want to follow the Aussie example!

Meanwhile, the bookshop is obviously closed. We can’t sell online either until Level Four eases. You can however support our authors by buying eBooks. You can still by eBooks from our website, they download at checkout, I believe. Or wander my website and you’ll find how to purchase my books. Let’s face it, you’re going to have some reading time so why not?

I got some writing done in two projects on Monday. Hooray!! Today I intend to finish making my choices for the Upper Hutt Library Poetry Competition. I absolutely love that Caro and I were asked to judge the adult comp again this year. It’s a big one too. Way more entrants this year, and some truly fab works. Making the job difficult, Upper Hutt! 🙂

Re-lockdown and being in a house of five females … yay for my forward thinking and ordering of groceries on Monday (I pretty well always put the order through on a Monday for a Wednesday delivery), we are dangerously low on loo paper. It’s unusual in this house (normally a household of 3 females). I got a bit slack. This is what happens! Don’t be like me, keep those stocks up especially in an earthquake prone country like this one. 🙂

It’s pouring down again.
This weather is bullshit. Last night there was a massive thunder/hail storm (again) but it was short lived.
Brian Brain is not a fan, as you know. Sigh.
Wishing very much that the new migraine preventer drugs will kick in earlier than another 3 weeks!

Right then, you’re all caught up.
Be kind to one another. Look after your families. Stay in your fucking bubbles!

FBI series (each book stands alone): Byte Series (Link is book 1 because it’s easier – you’ll find all the others via that book on your chosen retailer.)
New Zealand set spy/PI novel: [Lure the Lie]


2 thoughts on “Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1

    • It is but we trust that our PM has our back and we will be okay because she’s fucking awesome. Also, I have a houseful of girls and it’s hilarious fun. A lot of chocolate is being consumed!! (Don’t mention the cab sav! kicking myself I didn’t grab a bottle of tequila the other day though!!) xx

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