Veronica Tracey

Wee update for you all.
You can now get [Nothing happens here] and [Lure the lie] in one paperback volume. Fun, right?
Eventually, there will be two volumes. It’ll be mid-next year sometime. I need to finish the fourth book first. 🙂
Precious little writing is happening at the moment which is fine.
Currently in Writers Plot Bookshop are a couple of hardbacks and some paperbacks of my latest release, [Leave a message]. I’ve also topped up the Byte Series, Exacerbyte is back in stock and there are a few extra copies of Terrorbyte and Soundbyte.
I’m waiting for a copy of [Veronica Tracey Spy/PI Volume 1]. There will be one available from Writers Plot Bookshop once I get them. Yep, only 1. There is a series cover for the Veronica Tracey Volumes. And I quite like it. I’ll pop at the bottom of the post.

The year is moving along rather quickly. Too quickly really. Although the last five weeks have slowed enough for us to enjoy them and each other. My Knight will be back in Perth by Monday and that sucks.
Being sick this week sucks, very hard to enjoy our last few days when I’m sick. It’s probably not COVID reinfection but I’ll do another test today to make sure.

It’ll be great to see the Secret Santa gifts on opening day. (June 23rd?) Looking forward to seeing the reaction to the gifts I sent. A fair bit of thought went into them :). Doesn’t look like I’ll have the fun of opening any gifts though but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Yesterday I added signs to our doors. We had a doorknocker trying to sell something (one of the telcos I think), the guy was a complete fucking idiot. Diesel was trying to get out the door and teach him a lesson and the idiot had to be TOLD to leave more than once. So now, it says very clearly “No sales people.” The other door says “Do not knock! Wrong door.”
I liked it better when no one knocked on doors due to COVID. Diesel liked it better too.

Here’s the Veronica Tracey series cover and the Volume 1 cover:


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