Trolls are alive and well …

Seems that all it takes to cop abuse is to be a Kiwi author and run a boosted post about a new release. Guess there are some very unhappy Australians out there who enjoy knocking Kiwis for no reason at all.
Never mind the people who assume a boosted post for [Leave a message] is a scam. FFS. How is it a scam? I’m not asking for anything. The books exist. It would take two seconds to verify the existence of my back catalogue, current work, and me. The post is running on my Page. I’ve had that page since 2009. That’s an awful long game for a scammer …
Wondering if there is any point at all in running the boosted post. It’s been live for 3 days and no one has clicked through the book link. (Not even the trolls!)
I haven’t done a boost in ages so this seemed like the perfect time, what with a new book out, an’ all.
I’ll hang in there until it ends unless I get tired of the arseholes and their negative bs and pull the plug.

Meanwhile, it’s been super stormy here. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain, crazy high wind. There is only so much my preventative migraine meds can do against this onslaught of weather. This morning I woke with a pretty intense migraine. Not fun. Doesn’t help my mood any when I come across trolls. Pity the fool who fucks with my posts today.

So anywho, here’s a screenshot of the offending post. 🙂
If you’d like to see it live pop over to my FB Page. Feel free to leave a comment that I don’t need to delete! 🙂 Better still use the universal link and buy yourself a copy, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


2 thoughts on “Trolls are alive and well …

  1. Ugh! Trolls! I mean, how insecure and hate-filled do you have to be to troll an author like that!? Y’know, you don’t care for an author’s work, fine. No problem. Don’t buy it. Don’t recommend it. But I get upset when authors get trolled ’cause then it’s personal. And it shouldn’t be.

    • I’ve not come across this type of troll behaviour since I backed away from Goodreads, many years ago. Silly of me to think it was confined to that platform! I guess haters are gonna hate, no matter what.
      Whether it’s attacking me for being a Kiwi or someone else for being American, those keyboard arseholes just keep on keeping on!

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