What’s Up?

You may recognise the title as a song by ‘4 Non-Blondes’, but it will always be ‘three dumb blondes’ for a couple of us.
We drove up the South Island from Christchurch yesterday. Sunny all the way. Rather nice, or it would’ve been had it not been for the light flickering through trees and doing my head in! Apart from the light, it was a very pleasant trip. We made good time and got into Ramona before dark.
(Much better to be in here before it gets dark due to the dodgy state of the road.)
Anywho, did a wee bit of writing this morning. Pretty easy to think out here in the quiet while overlooking the sound below.
Apart from the bell birds and tuis, there isn’t much to distract me. 🙂
Late tomorrow night we will be back in Wellington. We’re both making the most of our few days in Mahau. Geoff is down the beach track pruning trees and trimming back the overgrowth. The long steep track needs a good spray but it would need to stop raining for a day or so for that to happen. Probably not going to be a thing on this trip.

Looks like the release of [Leave a message] was the crappiest release ever. Sales are less than dismal. Such is life as a writer. You’d think by now I’d be doing better, considering my extensive back catalogue and so forth, but no! A truly miserable start to this book’s life.
There is always hope that sales will perk up I guess. (That might be more wishful thinking though, I suspect.)
It’s a shame because it’s a solid story with fabulous characters.

I was going to show you the beach track but the internet down here is still copper wire and that can’t handle images or much of anything, to be honest.
Photos will have to wait until I’m back in Upper Hutt. 🙂
Meanwhile, make an author’s day and go buy my latest book!


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