Playing catch up.

Not a game I enjoy but there ya go. 🙂 Last year was a funny old year for us. Not funny ha-ha either. There were times when it was stressful as fuck. Things slipped my mind and never made it to my diary (probably in the shop day book though, or not!)
Pretty sure I didn’t invoice the shop for the work I did for a client in Nov/Dec. So now I’ve created the invoice. Better late than never I suppose. Luckily I know exactly what I did and I know how long it takes me to do various things, so working it out wasn’t hard.
Anywho, it’s done.
I also needed to email the council and ask a question. That is now done.
And then it was to make changes to the shop KDP account to make it easy for us to get into it and use it. We’ll see how that goes!
Other things can now occupy my mind and they very much are.
1. Get words written in [WTF]
2. Find a usable image of a Harley wide-glide (I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you but I know what I mean.)
3. Work out exactly what I need from “Kiwi cakes” to create something very special for December.
4. Watch zillions of YouTube tutorials for the above reason then find the best one and make notes.
5. General houseworky things.
6. Get better … it’s not a quick process. I think COVID fucked my immune system over because I am not shaking this whatever virus in a hurry and still feel like crap 90% of the time.
7. Get more words written in [WTF]. Yes, it amuses me that the title of book 4 is in fact [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot]
8. Be extra kind to Diesel, who misses My Knight already. (I know exactly how he feels.)
9. Help Doris focus and prioritise school work. She got her English speech finished, and filmed, and it even had a slide show to accompany it, yesterday. That was our Sunday evening job.
10. Check to see if anyone has bought any of my books today. Sales make authors quite the wee rays of sunshine. It’s winter all sun is welcome!
11. Decide what meals I’m creating this week … or how much complaining I can cope with. Same same.

That’s it from me.
Hope you’re having a great day.
Below are photos of My Knight’s wide-glide and my Knight. Imagine? 🙂


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