Mid Winter Secret Santa

So, this happened:
Yesterday I got a request via an elf. I needed to create a playlist from a list of songs given to me.
Okay then. I did that.
I was also told there are further instructions coming and that a special courier would deliver me a parcel last night.
At about 7:30PM I grabbed a torch and did a bit of skulking around the yard in the dark, just in case a sneaky “special courier” had been and we’d missed it. But no.
So I settled in to watch some “Lie to Me” with Doris. Then it was FaceTime with Geoff like every night when we’re in different countries.
At 10PM the dog reacted to a knock at the door.
Dun, dun, DUN!
Freda said it would be for me.
Diesel and I investigated. I could see a person’s shape through the frosted glass.
For everyone’s safety I put Diesel in the kitchen, he can open the door very quickly if needed and he could both see and hear me.
I opened the front door to find a man holding a big box. He said, “this is from your secret Santa” or something along those lines. I took the box and thanked him.
As I went to go upstairs I detected a small slosh.
Clearly, the box contained an IED in an ice bath and the ice was melting. (That’s 100% where my mind went, immediately.)
I got the box (it’s not heavy but it isn’t light) upstairs. Diesel had a good sniff and then curled up on my bed. I showed Geoff via Facetime because we were still in the middle of our call. He (rightly) expressed a little concern about the whole Secret Santa thing.
Anywho, fast forward to this morning.
No one died.
Good news indeed!
But I didn’t have time to open the box. I felt I needed to devote quite a bit of time to its mysteriousness. So, I left it with Diesel and went to the bookshop.
I will open the box when I get home with the playlist at the ready. It’s a great playlist too.
Once it’s opened I will share the playlist and pics of the contents with you.
Such fun!!
Stay tuned!! There is more to come. šŸ™‚


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