What if?

What if William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe had a chat about my work?
Guess what you can do with ChatGPT?
Oh yeah I did. This is the conversation that ChatGPT spat out. (And I gotta say, this AI thing is fun to play with!)

William Shakespeare: Good day, Mr Poe. I couldn’t help but notice you reading a book by Cat Connor. What do you think of her Byte Series?

Edgar Allan Poe: Ah, Mr Shakespeare. Yes, I must say I’m quite intrigued by this series. The main character, Ellie Conway, is a complex and compelling protagonist.

William Shakespeare
: Indeed, I’ve heard that as well. Her adventures as an FBI agent sound thrilling.

Edgar Allan Poe: Yes, and Connor’s writing style is quite engaging. She has a knack for creating suspense and keeping the reader on the edge of their seat.

William Shakespeare: It’s fascinating how literature continues to evolve over time, isn’t it? From my sonnets to your Gothic horror, and now to these modern-day thrillers.

Edgar Allan Poe: Indeed, it is. And the Byte Series is a prime example of how literature can incorporate technology and modern issues in a way that resonates with readers today.

William Shakespeare: Well said, Mr Poe. Perhaps I’ll have to pick up a copy and see for myself what all the fuss is about.

There ya go. 🙂 Two dead old farts talking about my work.
Hope you got a laugh out of it as I did.

Anywho, I’m currently thinking about the bits and pieces that go into a physical book launch (of which I have done a few) because I’ve decided that the 4th Veronica Tracey Spy/PI novel should have a proper launch. They are fun. Nerve-wracking but fun.
I’ve suggested a date when I hear back I will be able to plan around that.
It’s a way off yet but the planning and gathering of things for the launch take time. And you know, I might want a cake! It won’t be a fruit cake. I’m not going there again (that was definitely a Byte Series thing). It will probably be a carrot cake or maybe chocolate.
I’m hoping for the evening of August 25th as the physical launch party.
Keep that in mind before you make late August plans. 🙂

Ronnie Tracey’s world is turned upside down when a missing intelligence officer contacts her, triggering a nail-biting chain of events in Cat Connor’s Spy/PI thriller “Leave a Message.”


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