Save the date!

Guys, we have an official launch party date. August 4th at the Central Library in Upper Hutt. It’ll be a 6PM kick-off, probably.
Exciting right?
I haven’t done a physical launch for this series at all, so, I’m excited.
I will have all four of the Veronica Tracey Spy/PI books available on the night (Gods willing). Pretty keen on this launch. No fruitcake is involved so don’t even start with that.
There will be cake just not fruitcake. Might be chocolate or it might be carrot. Who knows? Not me at this point.

The other thing is … it looks likely that [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] might be released as originally planned, in late June or early July. I know! That’s exciting. I’m a hundred percent sure and if it does you’ll be the first to know.

In other news:
There isn’t any. That was it.
We have a new cover for [WTF] and to be honest it kinda screams WTF. And I love it.

I should invite the mayor. Be rude not to, especially as it’s a book set in Upper Hutt.


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