Getting absolutely Shitfaced seems like a good idea.

So, it’s day 5, post op.
Life is pretty fucking shitty to be honest.
Not for the girls but for me.
They’re fine.
I am bored shitless.
Discovered there isn”t much I can do with one-hand. And for shits and giggles I just tripped and came down on my right hand. Lucky I tripped by the bed so it was a softish landing. Lucky I didn’t break my MacBook.
Probably didn’t do any real damage, hard to know really. Guess I’ll find out on Wednesday when the stitches come out. Tis a bit sore now.
The one good thing is I have had fuck all pain since the op. So, yay. Actually less than normal or what had become normal with my “quite torn” cartilage.
A couple of times I took my prescribed pain meds but mostly I haven’t bothered.

Boredom is not good for me. I’m someone who is always busy and I don’t know any other way to be. So, this is torture and very bad for my mental health. And not much fun for anyone near me.

I’ve redesigned the covers of the NZ series: Veronica Tracey Spy/PI.
I’ve changed the Raidbyte cover.
Now I’ve run out of things to do.

I did vacuum yesterday because I couldn’t stand the dog hair all over the carpet any longer. I used my lefthand. It really pissed me off. No one had vacuumed since I did it on Monday before going into hospital. THEY KNOW it has to be done every day.
Not like it’s a shock. They even have list of things that have to be done.
Lists are a waste of time. ASD kid doesn’t see them and CFS kid is doing her best.

I feel like they’d prefer me to stay quietly in my room. Just pay for things and not get in the way.
C straightened my hair today. That was nice.
What I want is to wash it. Can’t do that so that will have to wait – maybe after Wednesday or not, we’ll see. It’s a whole thing. It needs washing and drying, and that requires a round brush and blow dryer and then a straightener.

Turns out that if I don’t ask for dinner or lunch – it doesn’t happen. Crazy! I thought everyone needed to eat not just me. Guess not then.
Silly me! I’ve been cooking dinners for 40 years and it never occurred to me to wait and see if anyone asked for dinner before I cooked.
Who the fuck knew that that is how life is? Huh!
I’ll be remedying the way I do that.

It’s Mother’s Day next weekend. Wonder if I have to ask for dinner then?

3 thoughts on “Getting absolutely Shitfaced seems like a good idea.

  1. I don’t like being bored, either, Cat. It’s really hard to just sit around and not do much. Hopefully your fall didn’t do any damage and you’ll be able to pick up your life again soon. In the meantime, I am glad to hear you’re not in pain. That would be so much worse!

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