Don’t Stand So Close To Me.

It’s been a week. Usually by Saturday I can tell what sort of week it has been. This one was interesting. We did have our most fascinating bus trip ever yesterday. Neither Freda or I expected to hear the conversation we heard and had to wait until we got off the bus, a full twenty minutes later, to discuss the convo. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t believe it if you hadn’t heard it. I have since checked Police emails and that added more interest. Was kinda hoping for the name of the guy but that wasn’t released. Damn. 🙂

Today I made pizza dough. We have friends coming for dinner.
Looks like it’ll be a cold night tonight. Heat pump is on in anticipation. Currently using a power shout and concerned that I used quite a few last month and our power bill was still $50 more than it should’ve been for this time of year. We hadn’t even used the heat. I know what’s done it. So now the girls are not allowed to play Xbox whenever they like and for half the night. We’re going back to scheduled times with strict cut-offs. Fuck paying the next bill if they keep this shit up. No excuses and no debate.
Call of Duty can get in the bin.

This will be my last blog for a wee while. Surgery on Monday so I’ll be one-handed for a bit and it’s not as easy as it used to be for me to type with one-hand, or do much of anything to be honest. So, I’ll not be doing much. And we all know how that’s going to go. Without the distraction of My Knight here, it is not going to be fun.
I will probably be quite difficult to live with. I know I have to adjust my expectations and try to be okay with mess and so forth. It’s not going to be easy. I’m used to doing things myself. I’m used to a properly made bed. I’m used to dishes done and making my own coffee and breakfast etc etc. Also, I get up a lot earlier than these two. So … fucked if I’ll be waiting for them to wake up to make me a pot of coffee. If I can’t do it with one-hand I’ll be furious and no one will like that. Least of all the girls.

The funny thing is, they should’ve been doing everything or at least a LOT for the last 3 years while my wrist has been fucked and they only ever last a couple of days after I get pissed off and start telling them what I want done and when. There are lists. No one looks at them. I’m back to reminding them to do basic shit like clean the cat box. So, my expectations are low and my annoyance level high, going into this.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] is finally sorted. The formatting is done. There is no time left to do anything else now. I’m waiting for the proofs which are supposedly arriving next week. Had hoped they’d be here so I could read it in hospital but no. That is also kinda annoying to be honest. I’ll get over it. I’ve got plenty of reading time coming.

You can pre-order [WTF} here: Whiskey

As of Monday, I will not be available for anything. Social media will be patchy and probably confined to mostly scheduled posts.

You all have fun!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Stand So Close To Me.

  1. That must have been quite a conversation, Cat!! I hope your surgery goes smoothly, and that you’re out of pain soon. Also I know what you mean about electric bills. You should see ours during the hot months when we need the aircon!

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